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Meeting the Mayor by Haaris Tanvir - Year 6

posted 17 Mar 2015, 07:31 by Becky Brumby   [ updated 17 Mar 2015, 07:31 ]

On Monday the 2nd of March the school council’s leader  offered the school councillors an opportunity to meet the Mayor!(councillor Ron Clarke). When we arrived we went straight to the council chamber. The council chamber had a golden mace pointing straight towards the door where we walked through .  We sat down.  Suddenly the mayor appeared.  We spotted  some stained glass windows, we figured that  they represented the previous Mayors. The Paget family had once brought a pair of goats from the holy land and that had become Anglesey Primary Academies new badge . The mace was a club which used to be used for keeping the Mayor safe.  Through the years  the mace became more and more important  and now it sits facing the door as it represents the Queen observing who’s coming in and who’s going out .