Preventing Bullying

How can we prevent bullying?

As an academy we have developed an effective anti bullying policy with input from teachers, supervisors and children. We have worked hard to promote a safe and welcoming environment and have helped children to take pride in their academy. This has resulted in children's attitudes, behaviours and relationships improving and has had a positive impact on learning and achievement.nise.

Staff are trained to recognise positive and supportive behaviour and will praise children on a regular basis. Our SEAL and PATHs curriculums are designed to develop empathy, emotional depth and intelligence. As part of our yearly curriculum we have an anti bullying week aimed at developing awareness and helping children to develop coping strategies.

Any Incidents or allegations of bullying are treated seriously and dealt with immediately by all members of staff.

Why is it so important to respond to bullying?

As an academy we recognise that bullying in any form is unacceptable. Bullying hurts victims and can cause long term damage.

- Everybody has the right to feel safe and secure.

- Everybody has the right to be treated with respect.

- No one deserves to be a v victims of bullying.

- Bullies need to be shown that their behaviour is unacceptable and shown different ways of behaving.

- Our academy will respond promptly to any reported incident of bullying.

Who else can help?

The following outside charities and organisations can help support your child with bullying issues.

Anti Bullying Alliance   Childline  thinkyouknow-esafety