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Zainab and Mya's Anti bullying song

posted 4 Apr 2017, 01:40 by Jonny Leatherbarrow   [ updated 5 Apr 2017, 09:36 ]

Zainab and Mya from Leopards class have escorted their own anti bullying song after writing some fantastic lyrics and winning our annual Anti-bullying competition - well done girls, it's sounding great! Here's a snippet of their recording time! 

Mothers Day Lunch

posted 23 Mar 2017, 07:28 by Jonny Leatherbarrow   [ updated 23 Mar 2017, 07:44 ]

We hope you all enjoyed your lunch here at Anglesey here are some of the photos of the day.

Head Teacher Award

posted 6 Feb 2017, 01:03 by Jonny Leatherbarrow   [ updated 6 Feb 2017, 05:10 ]

Two boys in Year 5 received a very special Headteacher's Award this week. We have had two new twins from Portugal who do not speak any English and Reiners and Kristofers from Pumas Class went home and made a Portuguese-English phrase book so that the boys could start learning English. Reiners and Kristofers spent the rest of the week helping the boys by going to lunch with them, showing them all the food, explaining to them about it and finding the words to help them! They have been just brilliant and really helped them settle into school. Thank you boys, I couldn't be prouder of you! 

Mrs Hopkins

The Brewhouse Arts Centre & Cafe Bar

posted 16 Jan 2017, 01:37 by Jonny Leatherbarrow   [ updated 16 Jan 2017, 01:55 ]

At the Brewhouse Arts Centre this Spring, they are hosting alot of great events be sure to check out what's going on there otherwise you could miss out on some great fun! To view the events see the documents attached.

Oak View Academy pupils aim to soar the UK music charts with Christmas song

posted 28 Nov 2016, 01:19 by Jonny Leatherbarrow

Pupils and staff are aiming to reach the top of a different chart this Christmas and all to raise money to fund a speech and language therapist at the school. Lets show them some support towards them achieving their goals!

Click here to view the video and show support!

Roald Dahl Day

posted 14 Sep 2016, 03:10 by Jonny Leatherbarrow

We Celebrated Roald Dahl day here at Anglesey Primary Academy, Come look at some of our costumes.

Pokémon Go: a parent's guide

posted 9 Sep 2016, 04:15 by Jonny Leatherbarrow

Tips and advice for keeping children safe on Pokémon Go
Click Here to read more

Football Courses

posted 23 May 2016, 01:07 by Jonny Leatherbarrow

Queen Street Event

posted 16 May 2016, 03:15 by Jonny Leatherbarrow   [ updated 16 May 2016, 06:29 ]

Trent and Dove Housing Association invited the children from Anglesey Primary Academy to write to the Queen  to tell her what they like doing in their spare time. This was put into a time capsule. On Wednesday 11th May, 40 of the children were invited to watch the time capsule be lowered into the ground at the site of the new housing development and then for a tea party in Queen's Street Community Centre. Everyone had a fantastic time! We were so grateful to Trent and Dove for inviting us and for all the lovely gifts they have to the children. The time capsule will be dug up on 90 years time! 
Click here for more information

Talk 4 Writing Assemblies

posted 12 Feb 2016, 06:48 by Becky Brumby

Talk for Writing Assemblies: They all begin at 9am



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