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Equality and Diversity


Equality of opportunity at Anglesey Primary Academy is about providing equality and excellence for all in order to promote the highest possible standards of achievement.

At Anglesey we welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity to foster good relations with regard to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion and sexual identity.

It is important that we meet the diverse needs of pupils in this school to ensure inclusion for all and that all pupils are prepared for full participation in a multi-ethnic society.

Equality of opportunities applies to all members of the school community - pupils, staff, Governors/members of the Management Board, parents and community members.

Equality Monitoring

The Headteacher and the deputy headteacher are responsible for monitoring equality issues.  This is carried out through analysis of data, curriculum scrutiny and monitoring of intervention groups and outcomes.

Equality Training

The deputy headteacher attends regular updates on equality issues and informs staff of relevant information at staff meetings.

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